CUBA REGIONAL VISITOR’S CENTER - is currently closed. Any questions:

THE CUBA AREA - An incredibly diverse wonderland offering archeological, geological, wildlife, recreation and scenic values. The high mountains to the east of us are in the Santa Fe National Forest. Cuba is the regional center for tourism, ranching, small businesses and artisans.

CABEZON PEAK - The high landmark formation you see driving into Cuba from the SE is actually a volcanic plug formed somewhere around three million years ago when Mt Taylor (near Grants) was an active volcano. It rises 1,000 feet above the surrounding desert and is a challenging hike and climb.

SAN PEDRO PARKS WILDERNESS - The San Pedro Parks Wilderness occupies a major part of the San Pedro Mountains NE of Cuba. There are no rugged rock wall or majestic peasks here. Rather, the 10,000 foot elevations are characterized by a gentle, rolling landscape of mixed conifers interspersed with wide, open, grassy parks and wet meadows. Seasonal hiking and camping. Contact the local Forest Service office for info: 505-289-3264; or visit the Cuba office at the south end of town on County Road 11.

SUMMER ACTIVITIES IN THE MOUNTAINS - Hiking on hundreds of miles of trails, wilderness camping or camping in beautiful Forest Service campgrounds, fishing in the streams and at Gregorio Lake, 4-wheeling on back country roads. Hiking and driving through the high desert country to the south and east. BRING YOUR CAMERA! Visit the Cuba Regional Visitor’s Center or the Cuba Forest Service office for info.

WINTER SPORTS - The high mountains of the Santa Fe National Forest to the east of Cuba offer thousands of acres of cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, snowmobiling and just rolling-around-in-the-snow-and-throwing-snow-balls opportunities. Contact the local Forest Service office for more information.

BLUEBIRD MESA - A short side trip to in an incredible view. Take 126 east from its junction with 550 in Cuba about ten miles up into the pine forests of the Nacimiento Mountains. Where the road tops out, take the dirt road ( FS RD 98) to the right (any car can navigate it) a little more than a mile to the overlook. You can’t miss it and there’s plenty of room to park and turn around. Views to the south as far as the eye can see. Unless you have 4-wheel drive, don’t try to go any farther!

Cuba, New Mexico & Surrounding Area